Things I Discovered: Volume LXVII

Sunday May 9, 2021

Hey Folks, 

Greetings from Jackson Hole writing this from my couch, sitting next to our blazing fireplace, overlooking the Tetons as Monet and Hilma (our pups) rough play together. 

These past two weeks have been incredibly powerful on all fronts. Business, Marriage, Coaching, friendships, and personal growth. 

As I hinted in the past, my cofounders and I have launched a new media company called nft now. Having both Matt and Sam as my cofounders continue to be a driving and inspiring force to the great progress we’ve made in such a short time. 

nft now is the first dedicated NFT media company leveraging web3 to feature freshly minted news, curation and analysis on how trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists are redefining the creative economy. 

So why did I decide to cofound a media company? Well, this one was beyond me. Storytelling is in my DNA, both in telling stories myself and creating a platform for others to tell theirs. What’s really exciting about nft now is that we get to build it on web3 features that allow us to be pioneers and innovators. We get to create new features for our community, implement new ways of monetizing that goes beyond advertising, and we are creating a trusted destination amidst a fragmented space that both nft tourist and purist are clearly asking for. 

On this topic, something magical happened this past week.

During breakfast, one morning, Lindsey reminded that me that exactly 1 year ago when the quarantine started I set an intention and was focused on creating the media company of the future. A destination and platform that would disrupt the business models of web2 while creating trust with our audience while producing high-quality content for our readers to enjoy. 

1 year later, here we are building it.

Life is beautiful that way. This reminds me that we must be intentional and deliberate with every one of our thoughts, intentions, and dreams-- they may just come true. 

One thing to note is that I will continue to be Coaching. This part of my life is what drives and fuels my soul. Getting to be of service to founders, executives, and conscious leaders in their lives is my purpose. full stop.

 This time around, I will be more discerning as to whom I work with and the number of clients I work with at one time. For now, I will be inviting 1 more client for my highly curated and sought 1:1 coaching spots. 

Since my programs are now full, I will be opening a waitlist with an application for my program to start in August 2021. If you or someone you know is interested in Coaching with me, reply to this email today. 

It’s now been over 1 year since I launched my Coaching practice. I could sit here and give you guys the breakdown by numbers--however, that is not why I am a Coach. 

First, I am so grateful for all the clients who have been part of my journey as a Coach. The impact we created together and the lives that have been transformed have been nothing short of a miracle. Seeing my clients create breakthroughs in their lives, grow their businesses, heal themselves, and embody their highest selves is one of the greatest blessings that God has given me. 

In the next few weeks, I will be announcing a really powerful program that I have been architecting for 12 conscious leaders to transform their lives and businesses. Stay tuned for that. 

Few high-level points of what’s going on in my life:

  • Our time in Jackson Hole is coming to a close this summer

  • I am being incredibly discerning with the information, content, and inputs I consume. 

  • Strengthening my relationship with focus, concentration, and outcome-based performance 

  • For the last 2 weeks, I have prioritized 8 hours of sleep -- non-negotiable.

  • I am hiring! Growing my team to help me with my Coaching and Mushroom Talk business. Let me know if you know anyone that is open to being my #2 

Sending you all lots of love, gratitude, and joy!

Things I Discovered

  • A Reflection:

    Make time for thinking and reflecting. Time is your friend as long as you court her with intentionality, respect, and full presence.

  • A Question:

    How much do you want it?

  • A Phrase:

    Experience can be a curse

  • A Lesson:

    If you need a reason for doing things (anything), if you need your actions to be justified, you are not fully loving yourself.

  • A Conviction:

    Everyday you spend repairing it’s a day that you are not prepairing 

  • A Quote:

    “One must see it, not as it is, but as it will be.” -Carl Becker

  • A Framework:

    Raise your standards and your life will change

  • A Truth:

    Sequence Matters

  • A Recommendation:

    Visualize tomorrow and value today

Pura vida,


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